The Symbols Of Siddhartha's Meaning Of Life

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desire, dreams, pleasure and sorrow –to let the self die. No longer to be self ,to experience the peace of emptied heart, to experience pure thought-that was his goal.(p:11).
Through these lines we can see that how Siddhartha is longing for emptiness and his struggles for high values of life it self is a symbol of quest. He is searching harmony of life with that of nature and environment, he tries to get knowledge from teachers and also looks external sources for finding the meaning of life. In that process Siddhartha made many mistakes.
He killed his senses, he killed his memory, and he slipped out of his self in a thousand different forms. He was animal, carcass, stone, wood, water, and each time he reawakened. The sun and moon shone, he was again self, swung into the life cycle, felt thirst, conquered thirst, felt new thirst. (P:12).
Siddhartha is trying to denying himself through many other ways like nature but his satisfaction is high. While living with Samans Siddhartha learned a lot of things he learned the path of self denial through pain through suffering and bearing that pain also by living hungry and thirsty all days. He washed all the images in his mind and emptied his mind for meditation. After all this efforts he came back into him self again at the end.
Siddhartha met Buddha the Illustrious one, he told Siddhartha about how he gas got enlightenment and now how he is preaching the people by his religious sermons. Siddhartha listened him carefully but his
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