Why Was The Berlin Wall Important

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Our world is changing every day. In this way, we are creating the new history. Throughout the ancient history, there are many curious things to learn and discuss. I want to remind some historical buildings, which changed our world. I think, that The Berlin Wall played very important role in the history, and in the relationships between the countries. I learned a little about it and I want to give main ideas, such as: how it was built and collapse. Main causes and effects. Because of displeasure with the economic and political situation, a great number of people left the Germany. In the 1945, after The Second World War, Germany was divided on the two parts: East and West. East Germany was under control of the Soviet Union, at the same moment Western part became supported by the United States. Berlin was located in the Eastern part, but it was…show more content…
Talking about financial outcomes of reunification of Germany, it is important to underline that it is an extremely convoluted methodology since the united Germany needs to re-create monetary connections broken by the Cold War and the division of Germany. Actually the distinction in the middle of Western and Eastern parts of Germany was significant to the point that it was conceivable to talk about financial impediment of Eastern Germany from financially progressive Western Germany. The second consequence was political. Notwithstanding paramount financial results of the fall of the Berlin Wall, this occasion additionally influenced significantly the political life of the bound togetherness Germany, and different nations. To put it all the more definite, instantly after the fall of the Berlin Wall Germany had turned into a 'Guaranteed Area ' for evacuees from neighboring communist nations, where neighborhood totalitarian administrations were still rather solid or where monetary circumstance was surprisingly more dreadful than in Eastern
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