The Synthesis Of Gun Control In The United States

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Patrice Tseh Professor Worke E102 03/21/2018 Synthesis Essay Gun Control in The United States Guns. Instruments that were once used specifically, in war environments are now flooding the streets and putting the people in danger. It was usually safe for people to go out to enjoy events entertaining events such as concert. However, one cannot step out lately without worrying if they would be able to safely return to their homes at the end of the day. The most common factor that is almost always involved in incidents such as murder, mass shootings, muggings, and suicides or deaths in general in the United States, is gun related. The United States ' history is full of gun related incidents that greatly affected the American people. Some examples include the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and Senator Robert F. Kennedy which led to the creation of the Gun Control Act in 1968. Furthermore, there have recently been some mass shooting incidents that have brought about huge debates on the issue of gun control. These debates emphasize the need to strengthen the gun control laws that are currently in place, which are meant to regulate the buying, selling, and owning of gun. Lastly, even though gun control goes against the right given to individuals by the second amendment, having stricter gun control laws is beneficial for the safety of the nation because gun control can significantly decrease the number of deaths that occur because of mass shootings and gun control

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