The Synthetic Character In Elizabeth Takes The Reins

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Elizabeth Anne is presented as a sympathetic character in the short story "Elizabeth Takes the Reins". Elizabeth is portrayed as the "sensitive" main character who later learns to do small things on her own. There are three primary reasons that show she is a sensitive character. First, she was forced to go somewhere she did not want to go. Secondly her aunt, named Frances has either died or has gone somewhere, third her Great-Uncle Henry has no sympathy towards her at all. Foremost, Elizabeth was being sent to a place called Putney Farm with out a choice. A great example would be that the author uses words such as horrilbe, dreadful terror, and neglected. Meaning that she elt not only fear but also helplessnes. To sum up this paragraph Elizabeth is being forced…show more content…
For instance he simply hands the reigns of the wagon and told her "You pull on the left-hand rein to make 'em go the the left and t'other way for t'other way". These directions made no sense to her beceause she did not even know her left from her right to guide the horses. Some people will diagree with these claims that were made about Elizabeth being a sensitive character. They may claim that her aunt was too protective because the story states "that was the first time she had ever had a whole thought of her very own. This would be wrong because while her aunt was loving and caring, she most likely than not has died and Elizabeth had been sent some where she did not want to go. To sumarize this essay, Elizabeth is portrayed as a symathetic character for these three great reasons. first Elizabeth was sent to a place that she did not want to go, secondly her aunt Frances has died or went somewhere. Finaly her great-uncle Henery seems to be an uncaring person that give Elizabeth the most responsibility that she has ever had. This is why I feel that my thesis is
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