Club 18-30 Case Study Essay

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The content of this BBA is a marketing plan which elaborates on the proposed strategy for the TCG, with the focus on the Club 18-30 brand operating in the UK segment. For the proposed strategy a number of objectives with related KPI’s were developed, in order to be able to measure the progress of implementation.

Mission and Vision
Since the foundation, TCG was a true pioneer in the travel industry, with the mission “broaden the mind of others and break down the partition walls of prejudice” and vision “to be the best loved holiday company, delighting our customers, our people and our Shareholders”, which have never changed (Thomas Cook Group, 2016a). TCG mission and vision statement is in line with the proposed strategy and will favor the group achieving desire position.

Marketing overview and situational analysis
The TCG UK is operating in the segment of travel intermediaries
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Based on the Ansoff’s matrix the proposed strategy falls under market penetration criteria, because of the mature market and existing products. Moreover, the advised strategy is the best way to increase the customer base and less risky to grow, by reinforce the product mix in order to satisfy the consumer needs will strengthen the current position.

The Marketing Mix
In this section the essential strategic components for the marketing mix, which are known as 4P’s, will be discussed in relation to the proposed strategy and target group.
The 4 P’s
The Club 18-30 establish its product as being low cost and high-quality holidays. By targeting the experiencers which are focusing on their social network and image, but not having a stable income, it is important to offer the possibility to design the holidays based on the budget (, 2014). The proposed strategy stressing the necessity of improvement of product mix, which can become a competitive advantage in the future.

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