The Taiping Rebellion

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The Chinese immigrant labor of the Central Pacific track were people who came to the Americas for work in California in 1805. The reasons of overpopulation and poverty from their homeland as majority came from Tyson and Guantanamo .They took jobs like laborers,worked from home as servants, and fisherman.They faced prejudice and laws limiting opportunity and had enough work for 4,000 men. However, the contractors could barely handle 800 workers and many of Irish immigrants who left were replaced with the chinese immigrants.The amount of labors of the immigrants grew to 12,000 in 1868. The Taiping Rebellion was of the cause that had chinese immigrants to come to the United States as for it was a major loss for it cost 20,000 dollars to rebuild…show more content…
The immigrants of China avoided all cultures of the whites and keep their culture alive and kept themselves health as much as possible.The working conditions of the laborers were dangerous and difficult for they built roadbed,bridges and tunnels and used dynamite that caused accidents of death and with tunnels collapsing on them as others fell to their death for many had to climb mountains without the correction saftey gear. Discriminations was another thing that was dealt with as white and chinese were separated from one another and were not allowed to share tents or be in the same area.Also the payment rate are lower than the caucasian workers.The pay for the chinese was $1.00 or less ,but that is not enough to survive for food or anything.The inconsideracy for the families were extremely intolerable for they only recorded the death of theirs and not the chinese,which shows how careless they are for other races just the blacks. In conclusion, the Chinese immigrant laborers had a difficult time adjusting to the new environment and work experience.Even with all of the troubles threw out the labors, they kept at it for the better life for them and their
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