The Role Of Lilith In Ancient Myth

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We all are aware of the story of Adam and Eve. The father and mother of the mankind. But if we go into the depth, it is said that Eve wasn’t the first woman, because the first woman was known to be Lilith. Who is Lilith?
According to Jewish folklore Lilith was Adam’s first wife. But she is not mentioned in Torah book, but over the years she became associated with Adam, the first man as a way to explain the fact that there are two contradictory versions of Creation in the book of Genesis.
In Genesis 1 living things appear in a specific order ; plants , then animals , then finally man and woman are made simultaneously on the sixth day: “Male and female He created them ” (Genesis 1:27). In that version of humankind origins , man and
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Even when her husband Adam decided to abandon her after eating the forbidden apple, she pleaded in front of him to accept her. She cant fly and remained a common human.
Lilith had many qualities, many of them was linked with Ancient Roman Succubus. She could fly, she could fornicate men during their sleep. It is said that sometimes she feed with the seed of the men.
Lilith is refereed sometimes as the first mother. The child Cain is said to be the son of Lilith rather than Eve. Cain killed his younger brother Abel who was the son of Eve.
Eve is helper meet, i.e. suitable , adapted and complimented to Adam, as Adam wanted his companion . It is clear that Adam her husband was pleased with her because she obeyed him .
Many women are seeking to be independent of their husbands instead of being complimentary and that is the characteristic of Lilith. Independent and

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