What Are The Benefits Of The Tang Dynasty

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The Tang dynasty was one of the greatest dynasties in chinese history. The Tang dynasty had taken over the Sui dynasty, meaning the Sui dynasty might not have been listening to the mandate of heaven. The mandate of heaven said that if you did not treat your people the right way, you will be overthrown by a new dynasty, and the Sui dynasty was overthrown by the Tang dynasty.(mandate of heaven) The Tang dynasty had a population of about fifty million people, which was big during this time. The Tang dynasty made important technological advances in woodblock printing, timekeeping, mechanical engineering, cartography, and alchemy. They invented gunpowder, an air conditioner, and porcelain. A lot of the medical techniques that they used led to the medical techniques that humans use today. A lot of the medicine that they used is still used in…show more content…
The more people that they are tolerant of, the harder those people will want to work. If their tolerance allows more people to go into china, there are more people who are able to work. The more people that they have working, the more resources the produce. If the people in china work harder, more resources will be produced in a shorter amount of time, meaning that they could get almost double the amount of resources that they would normally have if they were tolerant of the people who were getting resources. This would help china get more population because the more resources that you have, the more people will want to live in China. This would again let them get even more resources, meaning they would get an even bigger population. This cycle would repeat forever if they kept being tolerant. A bigger population would allow them to get better technology. The people who go to China for the resources might have lived somewhere that was more advanced than China. If these people get resources, they might give China some of their technology so that china could copy
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