The Tanjung Palace

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3. INTRODUCTION 1.1. PALACES IN SOUTHEAST ASIA Palaces or royal dwellings are the official residence of a royal personage or other high dignitary. A large or splendid residence, often gaudily ornate building used for entertainment or exhibitions. The builidng in Southeast Asia stressing on the importance of in Indian beliefs in shaping Southeast Asia courts and ideas of political legitimacy, but implies that palaces and the concept of rulership, exists before the Indians’ arrival. The concept of rulership in Southeast Asia, and the symbolic measures by which the rulers sought to maintain their status. One significant relationship in all early polities was that between secular and sacred authority, and it has often been assumed that Southeast…show more content…
It was built in the traditional Minangkabau Rumah Gadang vernacular architectural style, but had a number of a typical elements including three stories structure and larger dimension compares to common rumah gadang. Although today there is no king or royal family resides in this palace, since the Pagaruyung Kingdom was disbanded in 1833, the palace still held in high esteem among Minangkabau people as the descendants of scattered Minang nobles seeks their root and link to the former royal house of Pagaruyung. The palace has been destroyed by fire for several times, in 1804, 1966 and 2007. It has been rebuilt again and today function as museum and popular tourist…show more content…
It was estimated only 15 percent of valuable artifacts survived the fire. Today the surviving artifacts were stored in Balai Benda Purbakala Kabupaten Tanah Datar (Archaeology Authority of Tanah Datar Regency). The heirloom of Pagaruyung Kingdom was stored in Silinduang Bulan place, located about 2 kilometer from Pagaruyung Palace. Restoration of the building has taken six years and an estimated Rp 20 billion (US$1,71 million) to complete. The building was completed and inaugurated by Indonesian President Susilo Bambong Yudhonoyo in October

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