The Tata Group (Mission) Of Core Values

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1) What is the TATA Group purpose (Mission) of Core Values? Outline your understanding on the same? ANS. The main purpose of Tata Group is to improve quality life of communities. And to do this they strive for leadership and global competitiveness in all the business sectors where they operate. They follow the practice of returining to the society what they earn and maintain trust with their consmers, shareholders, employees and community. Tata Group is driven by 5 core values. They are- Excellence Integrity Understanding Responsibility Unity Humanity, philanthropy and ethics are the reasons for the success of Tata Group. The Tata Group has always set out to serve to its owners, the society, employees and consumers. It does not focus on…show more content…
The group is responsible towards its consumers and community and also they ensure that what comes from people, goes back to them. Thus, Tata Group is known for its business ethics and strong values. It also has kept building trust among employees, consumers, shareholders and its society. 2. There are 25 clauses in Tata Code of Conduct? Explain any 3 clauses of TCOC? ANS. The Tata code of conduct talks about the principles which governs and guides the conduct of all the Tata companies and the employees working relating to the business. The code of conduct explainsthe ethical standards and values of the business. Clause 1 – National Interest. The tata group works for the benefit of the countries by economic development where it operates. The companys ' business conduct and practices benefit the country, communities and locatilies where it operates. Also, the group respects the culture, traditions and customs of every country where it operates. Clause 2 – Fianancial reporting and records. The tata group should maintain and prepare its statement of accounts accurately and fairly and also according to the accounting and financial standards. It should represent the guidelines, laws, principles and standards of the country where it…show more content…
The responsibility of combining social, environmental and economic is important to the life of TATA Steel. Also, the responsibility of this company is to look after the welfare of the employees and sustainability of the environment. 7. History as per the case and provide argument on the PROS and CONS on the Tata Motors acquisition of JLR? ANS. Tata motors had a competitive advantage when acquired JLR. They had a greater competition there were foreign vehicle makers including Daimler, Nissan Motor, MAN AG, Volvo had bigger presence. The joint venture of Tata Motors with Fial for cars, engnes and transmission was heating up from top car makers like Maruti Suzuki ltd., Renault, Hyundai Motor and Volkswagon. Other Advantages are- Tata buys products at lower rate and give better value. The acquisition eased the entry of Tata motors in the European Market. Company dependency on the Indian market reduced. Increased sales in the emerging markets. Access of distribution network. The disadvantages of Tata Motors

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