The Teaching Role In College Education

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According to Malcolm Forbes, “Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.” Education is the fundamental necessity of life. To get higher quality education is the basic right of every human being on this planet. But achievement of higher education is not possible without studying in college. College is actually a hub of knowledge where most talented and professional lecturers are ready to give you the essence of their expertise and life experiences (Hill, 2018). According to her, there are many reasons why is it important for a student to study in colleges. One of the most important ones is career opportunities. It is known that financial stability is a very important factor for survival in society. One can only find a…show more content…
As faculty members teach, they disseminate and impart basic or applied knowledge to students and assist students with the learning process and applying the knowledge. In this construction of the teaching role, the teacher is the context expert, and the students are regarded as learners or novices to the academic discipline or field of study. Faculty members employ a variety of teaching strategies based on the institutions where they work. In a large undergraduate lecture section, a faculty member may deliver lectures that are complemented by regular and smaller recitation sections led by graduate teaching assistants. At a community college, faculty members may work side by side with students diagnosing and addressing a mechanical problem in a piece of machinery (Hamrick, 2012). The way of teaching the students is important on the student’s role to learn in school and that is why the management implements standards to follow and to determine the competency of the instructors in higher education if they can provide the quality education desired for…show more content…
Even though a professional graduate of a particular field has the right knowledge and skills to teach in higher education, he/she must comply with the general requirements of the commission. Certain qualifications must also be met by the instructor in a teacher education program such as being a holder of legal certificates that qualifies one to teach professional education courses. According to Briones (2007) quality learning is contingent upon quality teaching. Hence, enhancing teacher quality becomes of utmost importance for long term and sustainable nation building. The DepEd recognizes the importance of professional standards in the continuing professional development and advancement of teachers based on the principle of lifelong learning. This states that the department and commission values quality over quantity educators because teachers are the key to improving learning. They have a powerful impact on the quality of student learning. However, many countries, particularly the developing countries, are facing an acute shortage of qualified teachers, while serving teachers are paid poorly (and sometimes irregularly) and, because of the scant qualifications needed to enter,

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