The Teakettle Looks Like Hitler Analysis

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Clay Middleton Mrs. Flesch College Reading and Writing 28 November 2016 Ethics of Subliminal Messaging Driving down the highway, flying by billboards, passengers and drivers glanced at an image of a teakettle. Its arm branched out with a bell sitting on it like a hand, a black line running down the shiny body just as a neck tie would, and the handle parted to be thick on one end and slender on the other. A few seconds later, one of the people turned and said, “The teakettle looks like Hitler!” A common phrase is, “there is no such thing as a bad advertisement,” but there definitely is when someone makes an image of Hitler and puts it on the highway. The lack of regulations inside of the world of advertisements has allowed companies to brainwash the consumers over many years into thinking they need more than what is necessary, or create an image that will constantly remind them of a product or service. The only regulations that exist today require companies to include certain…show more content…
Many car companies have done a fantastic job in creating a luxury brand name to give the owner a feeling of prestige and confidence. With more and more car companies claiming to be a luxury, each one still gets the passenger to their destination the same as a car that is considered to not be luxury. These advertisements are made to change the mind of the consumer into wanting things they have never needed, or spending more money on upgrades. Car companies have continued to use this technique for so long the consumers have actually shown signs of being more confident and feeling more professional just because of their car. The car someone drives should not affect their confidence inside and outside of the workplace; there is no competition on what they drive, but there is competition for the work they put into the job. Some people are not privileged to have a car, so in return they lose confidence in
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