The Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)

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A. Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)
The Technology Acceptance Model is believed as a very useful model for research in field of consumer’s level of acceptance of information technology, as it quoted by Davis et al (1986), “Acceptance of technology can be predicted by attitude and behavior usage of customer”. Kuo and Yen (2009: 104) viewed that TAM is: “Intended to provide a conceptual model featuring a theoretic foundation and parsimony, to explain and predict the behavioral intention and practical behaviors of information technology users, based on the acceptance and use of information technology.” In this model of technology acceptance, or TAM, the concepts measure the perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness as an individual belief toward using technology. These two beliefs are believed influenced by external variables, such as social factors, cultural factors, and political factors. However, despite the external variables that affecting these two beliefs, Technology Acceptance Model has been used multitudinous time by researchers thus it considered as one of the most influential theories in a study field of IS (Information System) that also considered as the most influential extension of theory of reasoned action, and it is included with the variables that TAM brings. TAM itself is a derivation of Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA) which addresses a wider and broader range of scope in terms of behavior that consist of personal beliefs and attitudes, and the

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