Pros And Cons Of Teenage Driving Essay

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Most teenagers look forward to getting their license and permit to be able to get behind the wheel of a car and drive without parents. The problem with this is many teenagers take advantage of that privilege and become reckless drivers. The government has put laws in place which prevents teenagers from driving alone for the first year and keeps laws in place so teenagers can’t abuse there laws. Meanwhile, many adults still argue the safety on the road even with restrictions in place. These laws are here to keep everyone on the road safe not only the new drivers. The teenage driving age should not be raised because of the safety and emotional health it provides. Teenage driving allows young adults to gain independence. Teenagers spend a lot of time at sporting events, sports practices, after school activities and hanging out with friends, which requires parents to bring them…show more content…
Everything you do in a car other than driving, such as talking to a passenger, singing a song, or checking your phone are all distractions which can take your mind off driving and cause an accident (Leonard). Having restrictions on new drivers has shown to decrease the amount of crashes caused by teenagers. “The researchers found that States with the most restrictive graduates licensing programs - such as those that required supervised driving teams as well as having night-driving restrictions and passenger limitations - saw a 26% reduction in the rate of fatal crashes involving 16-year-old drivers compared with states without any restriction” (Roan). Graduated licensing programs were linked to 1,348 fewer fatal crashes involving 16-year-olds. These restrictions prevent the teenagers from driving without an adult 21 or older, and with more than one passenger other than family in the car. Also, placing time restrictions on them prevents them from driving late at night when they would be very tired. Restrictions on teen driving has made it safer for everyone on the
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