The Teleological Argument: The Existence Of God

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The topic I am going to focus on is the existence of God. In this topic I will research into the teleological argument (argument from design) and what it shows about the existence of God. As God has all of these amazing qualities, it can only be understood that he was the designer of the world as only someone with such talents would be capable of designing the universe. The teleological argument was formed to prove that God exists. The idea is that God was the creator of the universe and he created everything with a purpose as well as all life being created with a definite goa however, many flaws are pointed to. The word ‘teleological’ originally comes from the Greek word ‘telos’ which means ‘purpose’. God is described as being powerful (omnipotent), present everywhere (omnipresent), all seeing/knowing (omniscient), good (benevolent) and always existing (eternal). The world is a complex place and it makes sense that everything must have a purpose. The teleological argument suggests that someone has put everything in the universe in order and that the universe is too beautiful to have been created by chance, the divine creator must have been God. For example, the bucket orchid. This plant has a very interesting, complicated method of pollination. It begins with the bee being attracted to a sugar it can smell from the…show more content…
Through science, it is clear that we have been born with many things that are not essential for our survival. For example, male nipples, our appendix and hair serve no specific purpose to us. Therefore, if god is perfect by definitions, why is the world full of imperfect design? If god was so amazing, he would not have made these superfluous, unnecessary things that we do not need; however he would also not have made these by mistake. Overall, this criticism is proving that a perfect being (God) would not make mistakes so he either is imperfect or does not exist at
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