Invention Of Telephone

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On March 10, 1876 Alexander Graham Bell created the first ever telephone. He was a man who was a expert in sound and public speaking. He teached the deaf and that led him to creating the first ever telephone and was called the “electrical speech machine.” He “knew” that voice signals over a wire was impossible but didn’t care what others said about how the telephone would turn out. He kept on believing and it turned out ok. Of course it took him multiple times to actually perfect the telephone up. The telephone was created because alexander graham bell, created it by trying to fix the telegraph. Everyone else in the village or town did not agree with him and thought it was impossible, but Alexander Graham Bell proved the wrong. When you…show more content…
You can know because the telephones were what encouraged the people like Steve Jobs and many other inventors to make the invention of the telephone better. The telephones affected us then and now. If we were alone and all your friends or relatives were far away you could call them with the telephone. This lets people connect and really listen to people they thought they could never have thought they could talk to. The telephone prevents loneliness. The telephone also can be used as safety because if there are thieves or someone roaming around where there not supposed to the person can call someone for help like the police. The telephone can also help to get someone into a job. This is so because business is done call people and interview them to see if the got the job.The Benefits of the telephone to the society is that if my mom got sick and needed help she could just me or my family to help her out. If something happened or you are really strained out and want to call someone it doesn’t take much effort to dial the number and call the person you need to easlie. The telegraph was harder because it takes time to just send a message and to receive one so it’s hard to communicate with anyone a lot. The other benefits of the telephone is that the telephone can always be improved like it was and changed the society. Anyone who can’t go to a place but needs to have a interview for a job can have a telephone interview and get the same job for not so much strain. It also benefits the society by talking and communicating with people without having to move too much when you are sick or something. It can also help a kid because if someone forgets what the homework was they can dial someone's numbers and get your answer. The telephone is
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