The Telephone's Inventions During The Industrial Revolution

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The telephone, one of the most powerful inventions during the industrial revolution, changed communication in a major scale. There was a vast problem surrounding us during the 19th century, not being able to communicate in a matter of seconds in case of an emergency. (“ Living with the telephone”). Science came up with a solution, the telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. The telephone was a phenomenal invention that helped individuals communicate with each other in a matter of seconds, not like the telegraph or mail (“Morse Code & the Telegraph”). But, as any invention it had its defects. It was an uncomfortable tool to use, and was too expensive, therefore lower class men could not afford one. The telephone was a huge step into…show more content…
First of all, individuals could not get an instant message across in case of an emergency, this made people uneasy. Therefore, they lived in fear of not being able to contact help when needed. (“Telecommunications Virtual Museum”). The options were limited when it came to communicating before the telephone. There was the telegraph, letters and in war smoke signals. (“Telecommunications Virtual Museum”) It took approximately 5 minutes to transmit and receive a message from a telegraph (Busch, Jane). This method of communication was not as efficient compared to the telephone. The telegraph was also very expensive; every single word cost a days wage of a lower class citizen. (“History of Handwritten Letters”). A telegraph was also complicated because the message was sent to a telegraph office with trained people that might make a mistake and cut off part of your message, as well as some towns didn’t have a telegraph office. (“19th Century”). Letters sent by mail were less expensive; since the individual didn’t have to pay for every letter, but they were even less efficient than the telegraph. (“History of Hand Written Letters”). This source of communication was also time consuming. If there was an emergency there was no communicating within seconds for help. (History Wired: A Few of Our Favorite Things.”) That is why Alexander Graham Bell decided to make a
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