The Television: The Invention Of The Television

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Have you ever wonder why people wanted to invent the television? How did they make it? Actually, television in now days is not only designed and made by a single person. It was invented by people in different and many time periods. The main reason why the television was made was the drawback of the radio. People were not satisfied with just listening to the information, they wanted to see the images as well. The first television came out was the Mechanical television. Then, there came the Electronic television and many other types of televisions. The invention of the television let people be able to learn more and quickly. Even though people should be happy with the benefits that the television brought out, there still have many problems turning out gradually. For example, the decreasing conversation with others and the increasing health problems. However, the development of the television was a significant step that gave people a new sight to view the world.
The reason why people invented the television is that people were not pleased with the radio. Before the radio was made, nobody has even thought of to make a television. Like television, the radio was also made by lots of people’s hands. It was first made by Guglielmo Marconi in 1896, far earlier than when the television was made (Radio). The radio has a similar function with the television, people is able to gain information easily and quickly from it. The emergence of the radio allowed humans to have a stable

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