The Tell Tale Heart Comparison Essay

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The Tell-Tale Heart was a short movie and short story by Edgar Allan Poe. It is about the unrevealed narrator trying to please its readers of his sanity, by describing the murder, he committed of the old man. While I read and watched The Tell-Tale Heart, I found some similarities and differences. In the book, The Tell-Tale Heart, the narrator loves the old man and has nothing against him. Expect, his pale blue eye. (“Eye of a vulture”) The narrator really dislike the old man's eye, so he decides to kill the man to be free of it. The short movie, The Tell-Tale Heart, the unnamed man has been working for the old man for 16 years. (He was 14 years old, kept working for him until he was 30.) The anonymous man just got tired of the old man treating him badly, so he wanted to quit. “Quit me?! You'll be depending on me as long as I live” says the old man. And, that gave the idea for the unrevealed man to kill the old man. In the book and movie, the unnamed narrator kills the old man the same way. By pulling the bed on top of the old man. The unknown narrator kept hearing a…show more content…
But, also have some similarities. Both, have the same purpose. and the anonymous narrator, in the movie and book, used the dim ray of light for the lantern to shine in the old man's eye. They are also different in many-many-many ways. Example; in the short movie the unnamed narrator was working for the old man. And, in the short story the unrevealed narrator loved the old man, but his evil eye was so unappealing and a threat to him. My opinion on the movie and book. These stories will not have you snore, it involves a lot of thinking and the way Edgar Allan Poe (the author) describe himself in the book, had my jaws drop! The movie (1941) is amazing, again it's a lot of logical thinking. I honestly watched the movie 3 times. Hope you read and watch the, The Tell-Tale Heart and can tell the
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