The Tell-Tale Heart: Criminally Insane

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The Tell-Tale Heart, a murderous scheme, is told in such a way that could be explained as premeditated murder. The narrator, however, is plainly criminally insane. The facts keeping this statement straight include the killing over the vulture eye, the continuous heartbeat, the narrator had to continuously remind himself that he was not mad, and the fact that the narrator did indeed love the old man. To begin with, criminally insane is explained through the fact that the narrator killed the old man over the vulture eye. The vulture eye was always opened and was always watching the narrator. The narrator eventually was brought to the point of killing the old man overt the vulture eye. To argue with this statement, one could say that the vulture eye scared the narrator to murder. As anyone could say, people do crazy things out of fear. To add onto the…show more content…
The narrator was drove crazy by the continuous beating and thudding of the heart. One arugemental statement of this thought could be that the narrator felt nervous and guiltly for what he had done to the old man. Yes, this is a fairly good statement, but why did the narrator continuously hear the heartbeat? Why didn’t it ever go away? In addition to these statements, criminally insane is stated as the narrator had to continuously remind himself that he was not mad and that he had a reason to kill the old man. Thinking back apon the recent criminally insane cases, most insane people would repeat certain words or phrases trying to keep themselves sane, correct? One arguemental statement of this thought would be that the narrator knew what he was doing before, during, and after the murder. A real murderer would plan the murder to understand what he was to do, when he would do it, and what would happen afterwards. That is what the narrator did. To sum it all together, criminally insane in created as the narrator did indeed love the old
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