The Tell Tale Heart Ghoul Analysis

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The protagonist of “The Tell-Tale Heart” and a ghoul are very similar as both share an unhealthy interest in death and disaster. Although the old man had never insulted or wronged the protagonist, the protagonist of the story still kills the old man just because he had pale blue eyes that made the protagonists blood run cold. Like a ghoul, the protagonist of “The Tell-Tale Heart” and the ghoul can almost sense disaster as the protagonist of “The Tell-Tale Heart” claims that he can hear all things from both heaven and hell. The protagonist also claims to sense the beating of a heart. They both do anything they can to kill. For example, a ghoul would dig through a grave to eat flesh while the protagonist of “The Tell-Tale Heart” is willing to…show more content…
Like some ghosts, Tony does not express that much emotion as he complies without getting frustrated at whatever Durante says. Like some types of ghosts, they are very anonymous as Tony does everything Durante says and does not bring up conversations but answers questions. This makes Tony anonymous as he is not very talkative. A ghost would rarely be spotted as they are only noticed when they want to achieve something. A ghost and Tony from “Wine on the Desert” are also very smart although they don’t display this often. As a ghost is usually quiet and gets people's attention by moving things, Tony only demonstrates his cleverness when he fills Durante’s canteen with not water but wine as revenge when Durante has just ruined his life and commands Tony to fill his canteen. A ghost and Tony are also very silent and deadly as the book states that Toy drills the rabbit cleanly through the head with a rifle as it is as the rabbit would not know what hit it as a ghost would drive the victim crazy by misplacing things and turning things on and off. The ghost and Durante are also both disabled as Tony has an artificial peg leg and a ghost usually can not touch things and passes through the things it tries to
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