The Tell Tale Heart Opinion Essay

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“Villains! I shrieked, dissemble no more! I admit the deed!--tear up the planks!--here,here!--it is the beating of his hideous heart!” said the narrator. The narrator cared for the old man, but his eye made him very uncomfortable. To not even think that the old man’s eye could lead to his death. The Tell Tale Heart is an incredibly amazing, yet creepy story about guilt. Personally in my opinion I don’t think that the Tell Tale Heart is appropriate for students and kids my age, because not only does the author kill an old man but he also shows very violent actions and basically shows kids and teens how to get away with murder. The man in the story--whose name remains unknown--to most people, is considered mad, or insane, and throughout the whole story the man tries to prove he’s not insane. In my…show more content…
To me it’s poorly written because he killed a man, but because his guilt took him over he couldn’t handle all the pressure and turned himself. Like, if you’re going to kill someone for a dumb reason at least have a smarter way of covering it up. I understand how people say it’s just a story and that it’s is very entertaining, but if you think about it the story that is entertaining you is a story of insanity and death and I don’t find that very entertaining. In the story the Tell Tale Heart a man or caregiver kills an old man because of his eye. He tells the readers that the eye makes his “blood run cold” and because of that he had to kill him. If that’s the case then I could kill a person just because I didn’t like how their teeth looked. No, even if somebody had a another person coming out of their eye you shouldn’t take their life or treat them any different. I mean of course there are many, many violent acts in today’s world, but people nowadays should try to make this world a least a little
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