The Tell Tale Heart There Will Come Soft Rains Analysis

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The tell tale heart , there will come soft rains. What is similar what is different. These two stories are written by the authors edgar allan poe, and ray bradbury.

These two authors wrote dark, sad stories that were about something’s death. For example the tell tale heart was about an old man's death and there will come soft rains was about a house's death a house that was personified.The personified house had done nothing wrong just as the old man as well the old man had done nothing wrong except for putting trust in the butler who killed him. The house was killed by something it probably saw and used everyday, cleaning solvent. These two authors used to unsuspecting characters to do the killing something that the house and the old man were familiar with the old man’s butler and the cleaning solvent.

These were two fantastic authors who had me aching for the two characters that were killed, but one of these authors I hold above the other and the author is.Ray bradbury , Ray bradbury did an excellent job of making me feel bad for this sort of guard dog character the house. What the character did he had
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The guilt that Poe expressed through his character the murder in the tell tale heart. he had felt bad for the old man his heart made him feel bad , guilty about killing the old man. Bradbury made us the readers feel bad for the house knowing all it was doing was waiting for its masters who would never return. The murder didn't know who or what it was except in the tell tale heart the murder knew exactly what they were doing the were committing a horrible sin.

Poe and Bradbury were to amazing authors who had great talents who are both not dead but we can still read their masterpieces. I loved what both these authors did and they were both amazing, but I hold bradbury above poe for making us feel for an imaginary character. In conclusion I loved both they both had great writing styles
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