The Temperance Movement In The 1800's

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During the 1800’s, American citizens started reform movements in an attempt to help make the country a better place. One of the most important movements was the temperance movement. The temperance movement was in between the years of 1830-1840 and focused on eliminating the use of alcoholic beverages. During this time, alcohol was causing more problems than any other behavior; like crime, disorder, and poverty. This resulted in many social changes, for example, the rise of industrial production and breakdown of apprentice system. Women were huge supporters of this movement, however, most of the men were against this movement. The temperance movement was a time of terror, social reforms, and getting to power and will to stand up for your rights.…show more content…
In the second quarter of the nineteenth century, a lot of Americans were moving away from their rural country lives, to work in enormous industrial urban areas. Urban communities were developing, manufacturing production was extending, and immigration from European nations was expanding. Because of growing production lines, the connection between factory owners or managers and their workers radically transformed from the apprentice system. Moreover, factories made a working-class and a middle-class causing a separation. Another way the relationship changed was managers and their apprentices could never again go out to a bar together after work because there were too many workers. This decreased the responsible side of social drinking since they were no longer with somebody of significance to their work life. Since the cities were developing and ending up a huge commercial center, there was more access to bars and untrustworthy social drinking was normal. It was simple for the general population at the bars to leave and disturb the city life outside. Accordingly, this was hazardous for them and the residents of the city around them. At last, the expansion in movement made drinking turn out to be more prominent in the United States because of the life the immigrants carried with them from
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