Uncompleted Character Analysis

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My adaptation of the tempest is going to be about betrayal and forgiveness, this adaptation will be called Uncompleted. Uncompleted is about the drama between two bestfriend Taktuk and norbu. They have been best best friends since birth and have bonds like brothers. They always looked out for each other and loved each other like a family to the point where they would secretly get into fights with people, who were gossiping about one of them without the knowledge of each other. Taktuk and Norbu were both happy with their lives and though that they would be best friends for life and that they could always count on each other. As they grew older and went to high school, Norbu saw how well Taktuk was doing with his grades and had one of the prettiest girl in the school.…show more content…
Then his father said that he wished Taktuk was his son instead of him. That shocked Norbu that his own father would say that and this lead to him hating his best friend. This made Norbu do something that he will regret for the rest of his life. He set-up his best friend by planing to attack him with his delinquent friends from other schools. As Norbu and Taktuk walked outside at night after getting something to eat. They came across a bunch of delinquent in a quiet place. Where Taktuk was attacked and Norbu just ran as if he didn’t know what was going on. But as Taktuk was getting beaten down, he saw Norbu running away with a evil smile on his face. Taktuk didn’t believe what he was seeing and for the first time in his life he felt a sense of betrayal that he never felt before. Taktuk suffered a very deadly injury to the point where he was left in the hospital for two years. This delayed Taktuk from graduating from high school, while everyone else graduated and moved own with their life. 9 years later, Norbu is lost and becomes
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