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The Analysis of Characters in The Tempest The Tempest was written by William Shakespeare, who was born in 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon in England. He was the writer of about 38 plays and 154 sonnets, and the part-owner of the Globe Theatre. The original date of some of his works is uncertain, therefore the order of the plays and sonnets are questionable. However, determining the original date of The Tempest was easier. Various documents have contributed to the play. The Virginian expedition of Sir George Somers is probably the main source of The Tempest. On June 2, 1609, Sir George Somers, Sir Thomas Gates and Captain Christopher Newport, sailed from Plymouth to Virginia, carrying settlers and supplies. However the Sea Venture, the ship in which they sailed, was…show more content…
In 1610 October, Silvester Jourdan, one of the passengers published a pamphlet titled, A Dicovery of the Bermudas, or in another name the Isle of Divels. Another passenger called William Strachey, also wrote about the story of the Sea Venture, in July of 1610, with the title, A true reportory of the wracke. It was only printed in 1625, by Purchas, but it may have circulated in manuscripts before it 's publication. Therefore, it is supposed, that The Tempest probably written in 1610-1611. The Tempest was performed in 1611, at the court of King James I, and two years later, to celebrate the wedding of the king’s daughter, Elizabeth. It is the only play, in which Shakespeare observes the 'unities ' (time, place and plot-structure). These rules are based on the theories of Aristotle. According to these rules the dramas should occur in one place, the events of the play should be limited to a single day, and only one main action should be included in the drama. Also, unlike Shakespeare 's earlier plays, The Tempest is not set in a real world, but in an unknown island with spirits, monsters, and magical elements. It contains more stage directions, than any other

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