Elements Of Comedy In The Tempest

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The Tempest is considered as a comedy by the audience because all ends well, while in tragedies characters are negatively influenced, and most often are punished harshly or die. The Tempest cannot be fully considered as a comedy, for only one third of the play does the reader/audience come across scenes where one would erupt in laughter. But we do certainly come across short passages which provide fun and mockery specific to some characters. But even though this is proven to be true, that does not mean the play is not dramatic, that is why it is considered a tragicomedy. The play is a series of unfortunate events that ends well for mostly all characters and for all genuinely nice ones. There are certain aspects that Shakespeare plays around…show more content…
A banquet is served for Alonso and others when they are lost. At first they hear some “solemn and strange” music and the audience wonders what is about to happen, who is creating this. Then enter several strange shapes, bringing in a banquet, and dance about it with gentle actions of salutations may be, as they invite the the king and other characters, to eat. Soon enough there is some thunder and lightning. Ariel enters, like a harpy; claps his wings upon the table; and, with a quaint device the banquet vanishes. This is not comical but is not loaded with any important information; it just gives a break from the drama going on around it. These breaks give a well deserved break to the audience. It is imperative to have these breaks so that the audience firstly does not get bored and secondly can reflect and register the information given before or after the comical scenes used to relieve all the tension, drama, strained situations, and so and so forth then let those be replaced by a relaxed and fun atmosphere. The comic relief and there effects in this particular play are necessary in this play where in a short amount of time so many important events take place on after the other. It is a very important aspect of The

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