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Have you ever thought about reading a very interesting book by Shakespeare. If so, you would like the book “The Tempest”, The reason why you might like this book is because it has illusions and many other things a good book has. Another reason why you might want to read this book is because you might just like a book with an adventure. Also, you might just want to have an adventure and be shocked because you never know what 's gonna be next.U may also like the book because it teaches you how Shapesphere talked and how he used his words in his books, like he didn 't write the whole words he left some of the letters out and made it not look like the actual word.You may also like the book if you like spirits and people betraying
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It also stated that William Caxton established the first significant English press in Westminster. Some other things that the article states is that Shakespeare 's play “The tempest” was combining the alien or monster world and the human world to create the play. In the part of the article called “The Tale Of The Tempest” is talking about how years ago during the play, Prospero was the duke or king of Milan and how he spent his days ensconced in his study of pursuit of mystical knowledge because he was a wizard. It is also talking about how Antonino had accused his brother of doing something bad as king or duke and took his power and how Antonio took Prospero and his daughter and used his powers and things to put them on a raft at sea and left them to die, but by their luck the raft made its way to a deserted island where Prospero plotted his revenge on Antonio and to get his power back.Something that another part of the article called “Historical Context” is talking about is the historical context of the play. Another thing that the “Historical Context” part of the article is talking about is how Shakespeare composed his writing in one of the most formative eras of the English language today. Another thing that the article is talking about is how through the 16th and 17th centuries really important discoveries were made and that when these happened it changed the way people looked at the

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