The Tempest Power

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The more power someone has, the more they want. In the play "The Tempest," William Shakespeare shows the theme of struggle for power throughout the play. The story begins with a big shipwreck. A big massive storm caused the shipwreck. Everyone on the shipwreck end up on desired island. Many thought everyone on the ship had died. But the truth is that Prospero ; the protagonist who caused everything; made sure everyone on the ship would be safe after the shipwreck. Stephano on the other hand, who was on the ship. When they got to land, he thought he was being smart. He thought that no lived on that island and that he could become the king of that island. Little did he know there was a king already. This is where all the struggle for power starts because they both want to have all the power. In "The Tempest," different characters such as Prospero, Stephano, and Sebastian illustrate…show more content…
A person often ends up fighting to get the power they need. In the same way, Prospero had power on the island, but other characters began to conspire to take over the land. Thus, the power represents the corruption people carry after they gain the power. The protagonist says, "The direful spectacle of the wreck, which touched. The very virtue of compassion in thee." Prospero ' magic may seem bad but, isn 't always bad. Prospero had to put many thought before he made all the magic happen. He wanted to end with more power then what he already had. Everyone always wants to keep gaining power to become a bigger person. The magic and shield are symbols used to display how people are able to overcome any obstacles they face with the right amount of optimism. Stephano illustrates the way that people fight to gain power. "Do the deed that will make the island yours forever, and will make me caliban, your worshipful fool. Licker." They are telling him, he will be a "worshipful fool" if he would to become the king, he would just be
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