Elements Of Romanticism In The Tempest

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SelfMadeHero’s The Tempest: A Purely Romantic Play William Shakespeare has been one of the most adapted authors around the world, through many various types of media: print media, visual media or even interactive media. In the last decades of the twentieth century, diverse adaptations are made to The Tempest, widely known as the latest play of the English playwright. This research paper examines the September 2007 edition of this play from the series entitled Manga Shakespeare, by the British graphic novel and manga publishing company; named SelfMadeHero (SMH). The graphic novel focuses on the romance between Miranda and Ferdinand and on the themes of redemption, forgiveness and reconciliation. Prospero is depicted as a compassionate father…show more content…
In the SelfMadeHero edition, the dialogues of Caliban are shortened and Prospero is depicted as a protective and compassionate father rather than an aggressive magus. Romantic aspects are highlighted through the Duffield’s illustrations and text accentuating the relationship between Ferdinand and Miranda as a symbol for renewed hope in the future. Illustrations of the young couple dominate the graphic novel which is free of violent and aggressive images. The two lovers represent the renewal of hope and for a better future. Paul Duffield’s setting of the play in a damaged island at the beginning of the graphic novel is contrasted with a utopian landscape, a paradise achieved by man working in harmony with nature. Through the romantic union of Miranda and Ferdinand, not only the former Duke of Milan is reconciled with his Milanese court but there is also hope for the recovery of the island. The SelfMadeHero edition of The Tempest demonstrates that the adapters of graphic novels do not simply repeat the works of Shakespeare, but they can interpret a play in different ways by using the combination of images and
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