The Temptation Of Adam And Eve Analysis

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Abdul Hadhi Asif
Ketcham bates
27-11-17 Destiny of the Believers and the Sinners
The Temptation of Adam and Eve by Pietro Facchetti and The Temptation of Adam and Eve by James Barry both depict the biblical story of the temptation of Adam and Eve, but in Barry’s painting, Adam’s facial expression and his body posture show he is hesitant because he knows the consequences of eating the fruit, whereas, in Fachetti’s painting, Adam’s facial expression and body posture convey he is ignorant and unaware of the significance of eating the fruit. Who should be blamed for eating the forbidden fruit should it be Adam or Eve? Adam’s facial expression and his body posture in James Barry’s painting shows that he is hesitant and aware,
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For example, in James Barry’s painting, Eve looks at Adam and she touches Adam's hand. This shows that Eve tries to persuade Adam to eat the forbidden fruit because her eyes looks, straight to Adam’s face that, which means she tries to say something to Adam that is really bad this makes. This is important because Eve tries to commit the sin that he does not want to show. Secondly, in Barry’s painting Eve’s back is bent towards Adam’s body and she leans towards Adam. This shows that Eve wants Adam to eat the people because the serpent has already deceived Eve and wants both of them to leave the garden of Eden. They will leave him in the Garden of Eden by himself. This is important because Eve could also deceive Adam to get him to eat the apple and the serpent is aware enough that Adam is forbidden from eating the fruit. However, in Pietro Facchetti’s painting Eve looks up to the serpent and is holds hands with Adam. This shows that Adam has already been intoxicated by the fruit and Eve does not have to deceive him to eat the fruit. From Facchetti’s interpretation Eve is also intoxicated and Adam is too, and they both are unaware of eating the fruit because the serpent has deceived them both and wants the Garden of Eden for himself. Secondly, in Facchetti’s painting Eve kneels in front of Adam and there an apple in his hands. This shows that Eve has eaten the fruit and it was given by the serpent, to her because the fruit is in her hands and she points it to Adam the apple, of the Serpents fingers. From Facchetti’s interpretation, Adam does not care about what Eve says to him because he has already eaten the fruit thus since he is intoxicated. This shows that Adam was deceived by the serpent or Eve to eat the fruit and he
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