The Ten Amendments Of The United States Constitution

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To begin with, the Bill of Rights is a document that contains all of the ten amendments of the United States Constitution. The ten amendments were created by James Madison. The amendments were created to further ensure that the citizens of the United States had their liberties rightfully protected by the law. Over time, a discussion about these amendments arose between federalists and anti-federalists. Federalists believed that amendments were not needed and that the Constitution was enough to say what needed to be said. In contrast, anti-federalists believed that the amendments should be kept because they were needed. Of course as we all know about know, the government has kept these amendments ever since they were brought up by James…show more content…
If a soldier is to seek shelter in a civilian’s home, they allow for that person or group of people to be targeted from the attacking enemy. Not only this, but they are also abusing the earnings of the person because the person has worked hard to provide for shelter and food for themselves and family, and they don’t expect for their sources to be used by soldiers. Amendment four is another document in the Bill of Rights that has shown that the United States if an equal nation. In many other countries, authorities abuse their powers due to corruption to inappropriately prosecute innocent people. For example, say that someone in North Korea was to speak negatively about the North Korean government. The government would have no trouble or any setbacks in searching through the persons house without a warrant. Compared to this, the authorities of the United States require for warrants to search through a suspect’s house and only if the reason for doing this is logical. Amendments five and six serve for those that are convicted of crimes. People cannot be convicted for the same crime twice and must be treated to an equal trial. In other places, there have been times where people that are disliked are tried for the
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