The Tenement House Act

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Mary Harris "Mother" Jones was a reformer who fought for the rights of workers, including child laborers. She helped everybody, even children to fight against child labor.

Finally in 1938, the 1938 federal regulation of child labor is passed in the Fair Labor Standards Act is which allows minimum ages of employment and hours of work for children to be regulated by federal law.

The Social Gospel wanted to help the unfortunate get skills, job training, and get themselves the opportunity to get out of poverty. They used social surveys to find the income and employment information of a community. Using the social survey, they could help the people of a community in need of help.

The Social Gospel build settlement houses for the poor to live in. There workers gave courage to the residents, many of whom were immigrants. There they provided adult education classes, kindergarten, and job training. They also provided nursing care for those with no access or enough money to health care or hospitals.
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One of the regulation was the requirement of a toilet for every 20 people in each tenement.

The Tenement House Act of 1867 legally defined a tenement for the first time and set construction regulations; among these were the requirement of one toilet for every 20
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