The Tenth Street Studio Analysis

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Chase likes to paint the contents of his studio as some of his works have shown in a way taking pride of what he has. In his painting, The Tenth Street Studio, he gives us a glimpse of what is inside. Some of the elements that Chase chooses to put in this piece to reveal about the nature and function of his environment are the displays of paintings chairs, and the presence of other interior items like some of the collectables that he has placed throughout the space. Some of those items include lanterns and small plates, suggesting that he has an eye for objects from the Far East. By having such a set up, I think that he wants the client to feel welcome as well as to show off his taste. When it comes to the photograph of the same studio, it…show more content…
Her white dress is a complete contrast to the background that is mostly dark hues. The blue chair separates her from the back ground making her dress stand out even more. The use of black on the left side of the picture is not used as much compared to the far right. The direction that the light is coming from seems to be from the left but the right side of the studio is covered in darkness, making it hard to make out what is there. Maybe Chase did not feel that this part of his studio is not worth pointing out. By having the woman sit close to the dark void helps the viewer’s eyes by having her gesture with the piece of paper to the man who sits across from her. Unlike the woman, the man is almost in complete darkness— almost becoming one with the background. His clothes do not help to tell him apart seeing how they are dark in color too. Other than the directional cues that is given from the woman only his face, the white color of his shirt and sleeve and what looks like an artists palate, there is not as much detail shown with him as with the woman. To me this might suggest that Chase sees the customer as more important than himself in the in this situation. Due to the impressionistic style of Chase’s work, some of the finer details are I feel are lost, but he keeps the wholeness of other objects by painting as little detail as possible. By adding highlights to an object, one can tell that it…show more content…
The overall placement of In the Studio, is taken somewhere between his studio while The Tenth Street Studio seems to be placed near the corner. The placement of these two paintings along with the color scheme lends a different feel to them. In In the Studio I felt a sense of openness given how he has placed the subject on a bench instead of a chair and where she is placed within the space and by placing one rug under the subject helps lend to that feeling. When I compare that to The Tenth Street Studio, I get a subdued feeling thanks impart to the dark colors and the large black space at the right of it. I think The Tenth Street Studio and In the Studio show his progress with his technique and how his studio can be used to display
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