The Tequila Worm Analysis

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There are approximately seven billion human beings in the world, each having their own culture and traditions. Coincidentally enough, “The Tequila Worm” is based on a small town in Texas, with a family who shares the same family traditions as mine. Viola Canales, the author, talks about the main protagonist, Sophia, and how she celebrates her culture. The making of Easter cascarones, celebrating Dia de Los Muertos, and her connection with her father, Sophia’s life is not so different from mine. Therefore, Sophia’s life and experiences are uncanny similarities to mine and that is what this essay will focus on. Growing up in a Hispanic family can be quite hectic. It may sound overwhelming, but it is difficult to keep up with American and Mexican…show more content…
I never really fully cried, but I did loose a lot of sleep after my grandparents death. My mother was worried for a while because I would not sleep and my health was beginning to diminish. She ended up taking me to the doctor and they declared that I was suffering from insomnia. There was no explanation, but I knew that I was still grieving my grandparents, it was the only way that I could; since no one would know that I would cry in the middle of the night. About a couple of months later, everything was beginning to go back to normal, I still do not have the courage to speak about my grandmother or grandfather without shedding a tear. However, I do remember them by showing me to never give up. Their words and actions will be with me forever, as hard as life gets, never back down, if you do… you better get back up. And to this day, I have been knocked down twice, but I have been able to get back up. Therefore, after losing two of my favorite people, there is now a good reason to celebrate Dia de Los…show more content…
She wants what she did not have: big house, better neighborhood, and all the riches that she can buy. However, her father tells her to not think like that because that is not the reason that makes her, her, but instead it is her background and her family. This was something that I found quite fascinating because this was how I perceived my life when I was in high school. Sophia’s perseverance and dedication to moving forward is impeccable. “I wish we lived on the other side of town.” (Canales, 2005, p.35) I also wanted the better life. However, I already had it. That is because of my family and even though we had our ups and downs, they were my warmth. “Papa’s words of many years before, that our side of town had its own wealth and warmth. I finally understood what he’d meant.” (Canales, 2005, p.
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