The Terrorist's Son Sayyid Nosair Character Analysis

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The truth will always come out, is simply a true statement. I never underestimate this statement, because evidence leads to the truth. The truth hurts, especially when lied to. The truth can lead to a destruction of yourself and others. It can cause harm and pain to the ones you love; not only by you, but people around them. In the novel The Terrorist’s Son, Sayyid Nosair, Zack Ebrahim father lied about the horrific crime he committed; he shot Rabbi Kahane. The lawyers and Sayyid Nosair claimed that it was the Rabbi Kahane own people that murdered him because of money woes. As stated in my last journal, I do not believe crap Zak father has to say. I am surprised Zak didn’t event put two and two together. He saw when his father was at a shooting range, then some time later he is being accused of murder, well okay then. Maybe this proves that everybody is not as much of a thinker as they should at twelve years old, context clues. Even the jury of the trial for the case were darn right stupid. The judge even knew the Zak father murdered the Rabbi, he was applauded by their decision on the crime he committed. The father gets lesser charges…show more content…
I feel horrible for Zak’s family. The fact that Zak was being bullied at school is intolerable. I feel that the state of being bullied is ridiculous. I wonder if teachers and others enjoyed and amplified the attack; I see it common. I was surprised to view bullying actions in school. I am a person that it against bullying no matter what that person does, who they know or anything else. In the end, maybe is Z’s father never committed such a dissatisfying act to the common folks, Z and his family would have been more comfortable and less worried of what people do to them. I just feel that what people did to them like harassing them was overrated in this book. I feel they felt it was the fathers fought, but you determine and create your own
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