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The Testing

Is the key to survival letting go of trust and thinking of everyone as the enemy? Well, according to Cia Vale, it is. Cia Vale is the main character in Joelle Charbonneau’s, science fiction dystopian thriller, The Testing. In the now destroyed world from the Seven Stages of War the leaders must prepare for the future using a system called The Testing. It’s sole purpose is to gather the strongest and most intelligent teenagers who will be the next leaders of the world. I believe that with survival comes a trust you need, but only from the right person. While trust can be dangerous at times, it is a necessary thing, but from the wrong person it can be fatal.
Throughout the four phases of The Testing Cia Vale is confronted with choices that could end her life. The choices that include trusting people she doesn 't even know. The setting of the
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Judas, one of the twelve apostles, betrayed Jesus by kissing Him on the cheek. It lets people know Jesus’ true identity and this led to Christ’s crucifixion. This made Judas, one of the most well known traitors. Trusting for survival is everywhere in our world. I’d like to think if Judas hadn’t betrayed Jesus things might have been different or on the fictitious side, if Cia didn’t trust Will. If we as humans can weed out the people who aren’t trustworthy, on a small and large scale, there won’t be as much conflict, but if we fail to do this then hostility will still be at ease worldwide. Friends betraying others in junior high are major issus and resolving the issue as a whole is highly unlikely, but if we separated those we could trust with those we can’t it would save us all the headache. So, is letting go of trust the key to survival? After reading this book I believe trust is still something that is appreciated from the right people, but from the wrong people, the results can be
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