The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Movie Analysis

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This past weekend, I watched The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Throughout the movie, I was convinced that Leatherface, the chainsaw-wielding antagonist in the movie, could have been stopped if his four victims had been equally armed with weapons. My curiosity about gun control was piqued and I began to read about the topic online. Specifically, I read documents related to the efficacy of gun control laws, the ability of weapons to discourage crime, and the resulting possibility of their use as a means of civilian self-defense. I came to the conclusion that the right to bear arms is valid, provided that carriers are subjected to a thorough background check and have been educated about gun safety. I found research showing that gun control laws in their current form, are ineffective; that citizens with guns can and do discourage criminals, and that as a result, guns can afford normal citizens with the proper training a way to defend themselves. According The Chicago Tribune, there were 2966 criminal shootings in Chicago in 2015 despite the bannings of assault weapons, gun shops, and shooting ranges. This compares to 2185 criminal shootings in 2013, before gun control was enacted. The rise…show more content…
In 2013, Pew Research conducted a survey on a group of convicted felons: 48% stated that they avoided committing the intended crime upon discovering that the victim was carrying a weapon. The study concluded that civilians with guns intimidate criminals and cause them to second guess themselves and hesitate. It would follow that threatening someone with a gun to rob a store would not be worth the risk for a criminal if he or she knew that the owner was holding a gun. Additionally, violent crime rates go down when gun rights are allowed. A study done by the National Center of Biotechnology Information showed that murder rate decreased by 13% in cities where the right to carry arms was

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