TGIF Case Study Examples

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TGIF Case Analysis
Christy Dockery
October 22, 2016
Dr. Christi Sanders

TGIF Case Analysis

Quantum Software has an issue and a disagreement in the way an after work social gathering should be conducted. Having after work events can sometime be enjoyable especially after a 5 day work week. Workers have the opportunity to get to know one another. This bonds a closer relationship with leadership members and staff. My belief is that the better individuals are acquainted with each other after working hours, the more reliable and helpful they will be to each other during working hours.
The problem (Macro) in the TGIF case analysis is, when employees get together and begin over drinking at offsite work functions it is possible that someone can get injured as a result. John Hooker falling over the snack table was not a pleasing sight to Bill the Corporate Attorney. Management must come up with other ways to socialize together without employees losing enthusiasm or drive. Bill spoke of the liability issue, when he stated “keep the spirit but limit the labiality issue” (Brown, 2011). This is a great concern because the company would be accountable during working hours (Brown, 2011). I do not ever encourage anyone to leave and drive under the influence of alcohol, for example, your
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This is an after work event so there is also an issue of driving home intoxicated. As the company matures and new employees are hired they may have dissimilar opinions on the establishment’s social practices. The systems affected will be Quantum Software, employees and the atmosphere within the place of work. I feel the assurance and drive of Quantum will be greatly affected. The business will also be affected; employees will become less productive, which in turn would make the business less effective and less profitable. If the organization lives by certain goals and values they can be affected as
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