Avant-Garde Theatre

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A theater or theatre is a structure where theatrical works or plays are performed or other performances such as musical concerts may be given. It originated in the cultures of primitive societies of the classical Greek and Roman Theater in 4th century BC that evolved up to this generation.

The theater serves to define the acting and audience spaces and organize the theater space as well as provide facilities for the performers, and the audience. The first public Opera House invented by a group of wealthy people in the city-state of Florence was the Theatre San Cassiano in Venice Italy opened in 1637 near the Rialto. A time when artists, writers and architects became interested in the cultures of the past, especially the ancient Greeks, whose sculptures, architecture, and plays still exist. The building was made of stone owned by the Venetian Tron family. But the original theater built in 1565 was Andrea Palladio made of wooden structure succumbed to fire in 1629 until they replace the wood structure into a stone. The original Opera house was invented in Italy, but its popularity quickly spread to Germany, France, England,
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Hopefully, in doing so, a prouder Filipino will be able to call something as their own in the interior design world. Innovations and latest technology should also take part during the design process as to enhance the viewing and listening capabilities of all theatergoers. Likewise goes for an appropriate provision of places and facilities needed for suitable venue for training and presentations that can enhance the performers skills and study their craft. Natural materials and resources should also be utilized or creatively done in a way none of the mass-produce products have been done
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