Exploring The Theme Of Abuse And Suicide In Jasper Jones

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For my assignment, I have chosen to write a springboard based on the narrative Jasper Jones. The themes from Jasper Jones I have chosen to include into my story are Abuse and Suicide. My springboard tells the story of the narrator, Jasmine, who is the in an abusive relationship. Her only way to escape is by suicide.
The Colour of the Sea
It’s the colour of my eyes; the colour of the sea. It’s the way that I feel when his hands are around my neck and tears are trickling down my face. I know I don’t deserve this life and this time; once I fall, I won’t be able to get back up.
I look down into the deep nothing and remind myself why I am here. The taste of salt stings as it drips into the open wound of my lip. He hit me, and he hit me hard. The stinging sensation is slightly satisfying. These are the last bruises, the last cuts, and this is the last nose bleed. The thought of all of my pain and sadness ending causes a weak smile to creep upon my face. It’s finally going to be over. No one can hurt me again. I am in control.
I slowly shift my feet closer towards the edge of the cliff and exhale. And all at once, I take one swift step off the edge into the deep nothing. As I fall towards the surface of the water, the past year flashes before me.
I remember our first few months together. We were so in love; I was certain that this man was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. He was the first thing I saw when I woke and the last when I fell asleep. When he wasn’t
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