The Theme Of Blood In Macbeth

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As we read The Tragedy of Macbeth we saw a lot of recurring messages and themes. Themes of betrayal, ambition, and guilt really helped us understand the character’s motives and behavior. The theme that was more apparent than others was ambition going along with the motif of blood. Throughout the story, we see how Macbeth 's ambition forces him to make these bad choices which lead to his downfall. The examples that we see in the story of ambition relating to the motifs of blood are when the Macbeth’s clean up the murder of King Duncan, Macbeth murdering Banquo, and when Lady Macbeth goes crazy about her bloody hand. The theme of ambition really supports the motif of blood because the characters will not let anything get in the way of there desires.…show more content…
As everyone gets seated the first murder who killed Banquo arrives. The first murder then tells Macbeth in private that “Ay, my good lord: safe in a ditch he bides, trenched: deeply cut. With twenty trenched gashes on his head;” (3.4.25-26). The murderer basically tells Macbeth that Banquo is dead lying in a ditch with twenty deep cuts on his head. So Macbeth has planned out Banquo 's murder and it turns very bloody as we can tell because of the twenty deep cuts. So this relates to the blood motif because of how Banquo got murdered and it relates another way because the way the murder is described. As the play develops we see Macbeth’s ambition take over and cause him to do very bad things. In this situation, it is deciding to murder Banquo to get rid of him. With that being said this quote relates to the theme of ambition because it was Macbeth 's ambition to become King and do whatever it takes to do so. In this case, he decided to murder Banquo because he knew he would be a problem later on when he is the King. All in all, a lot of bloody acts have happened because of Macbeth and several of them have been

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