The Theme Of Buying Happiness In 'The Veldt'

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“The Veldt”, the idea that one reaps what he sows. By considering the parents’ act of “buying happiness” and the parents’ loss of identity, it is clear that these are the two ways that show the consequences of this lesson, and show how the author teaches this lesson.

“Buying happiness” is an expression one cannot physically do or live up to. This expression is a reoccurring theme related to the story and the author 's idea. Firstly, purchasing the Happylife Home shows that the family is more wealthy and less happy. For example, in the story the house makes everything easy for the parents and their children, emotionally and physically, which they think will make them happier people, knowing that they do not have to do anything anymore. In the text, Lydia, the mother asks “you mean you want to fry my eggs for me?” (2). George replies with a simple “yes” (2). Lydia then asks again “But I thought that’s why we bought this house so that we wouldn’t have to do anything” (6). This demonstrates that sometimes taking the easier way out of a certain lifestyle or situation, only makes the situation at hand even worse. In this case, the easier way out for the parents is “buying happiness” which emotionally is not possible to a certain extent. This relates to the author’s idea because the parents reap what they sow, as for “buying their happiness” leads them to their death, meaning they pay for their actions in regard to buying this house. Secondly, the parents think that
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