The Theme Of Colonialism In Achebe's Things Fall Apart

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Things Fall Apart is a historical novel it set in Africa during the era of colonialism. In this novel, Achebe has developed the Theme of “traditional verses change” and offered a powerful presentation of beauty, strength, and validity of traditional life and values and the disruptiveness of change. Even so, the author does not appeal for a return to the ways of the part. While deploring the imperialist’s brutality and condescension, Achebe seems to suggest that change is inevitable and wise men…. reconcile themselves to an accommodating change.
The aim of this research is to explore a new dimension about the concept of Colonialism within the African context. A colonizer is always considered to be a brutal person whose sole aim is to destroy the recent culture and tradition of the territory under his command. This research will discuss entirely different prospects of viewing a colonizer.
Colonialism is not just something that happens from outside a country,
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It is simply a voyage towards an easier life. One need only ask Colonizer living in the colonies what general reasons induced him to expatriate and what particular forces made him persist in his exile. He may mention adventure, the picturesque surroundings or the change of environment.
Having found profit either by choice or by chance, Does the colonial exist? He colonizer has nevertheless not yet become aware of the historic role which will be his. He is lacking one step in understanding his new status; he must also understand the origin and significance of this profit. Actually, this is not long in coming. For how long could be fail to see the misery to his own comfort? He realizes that this easy profit is so great only because it is wrested from others. In short, he finds two things in one: he discovers the existence of the colonizer as he discovers his own
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