The Theme Of Courage In To Kill A Mockingbird, By Harper Lee

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What is courage? Courage is having fears or worries, yet still doing what needs or should be done. One example of courage would be a person that is fighting cancer. This person is probably scared that they might die, yet they still fight to regain their health and to become better. So a person fighting cancer though scared and unsure is courageous. Another real-life example of courage is the Civil Rights Movement. Those men and women were scared of what could have happened when they stood up for their rights, they could've been arrested, physically harmed, or killed. Yet they still stood up for what is right because it was what was needed and the right thing to do. They were courageous because they could've just sat by and done nothing but, they stood up to their oppressors to do what needed to be done by fighting for their rights.…show more content…
Dubose giving up her morphine. Mrs. Dubose has been addicted to morphine and pain killers for multiple years. A doctor tells her that she only has a few months to live, so she decides that she is going to break her addiction. Her last wish is that she will be beholden to no one or anything. So Mrs. Dubose weans herself off the pain killers and by the end of her life she is clean. She was terrified to give up her drugs because it would be difficult and painful yet, she gave them up so she could be free. I believe Mrs. Dubose is courageous because she was scared of what she was facing yet she still did because her wanted and needed to be free of her
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