Summary Of The Book 'A Tale Of Two Cities'

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1.The title is significant because it explains the feeling towards death and a dead body or as used in the title, corpse. This is letting you know that there is a slight fascination with death. Death occurs throughout the entire book and is ultimately what the book is revolved around. The two main and vital characters in the book are extremely fascinated with death and the idea of being the reason someone dies and lies lifeless. The after math of killing someone leaves them with a lifeless corpse that they would describe as exquisite.
2.The author’s manipulation of time was in the early 1800s in England. This was during a time where it was common, but also not common to be a gay male in society. It was during a time where sexuality was kept as a secret and was not accepted. It was
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He had a sudden change. When you harm young and innocent men you tend to have a feeling of guilt.


1.A act of violence would take place when Andrew made a brutal kill on the people who attempted to perform his autopsy while he faked his death. Andrew brutally stabbed one of the men in the eyes with scissors and watched him die a slow and painful death. He then stabbed the second person in the chest with forceps while he watches blood squirt from the mans chest.
2.A social scene would be at the ending of the book when all the characters were together and Vincent was near his death. This shows that people are evil and do not have morals. Vincent was a innocent young boy who was trapped and on his way to death because of the sweet talking and the minute thrill of sex.
3.The ending inappropriately concludes the book. The ending of the book leaves you wondering what will happen next. There is no ending in the book where you will be able to identify what will happen next in the next book. The ending only leaves you to wonder different scenarios and what could possibly happen.

Based on quotes about
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