The Theme Of Death In Laurie Halse Anderson's Fever 1793

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In 1793 in philadelphia there was a outbreak of a deadly fever. This fever was know as Yellow fever. In the book Fever 1793 written by Laurie Halse Anderson. The main theme is Death.This book is about a young woman named Mattie who lives through the fever. Mattie deals with death and loss in this book. When People in Mattie’s family died she has to learn to live on her own.This story suggest that you have to suffer to get things you want. In this book Mattie had to lose people for her to become more responsible which allowed her to take over the coffee house on her own.
In the beginning of this book on page 13 when polly died. Mattie wanted to go to polly’s funeral but her mother would not allow her to go. Because her mother was afraid she would get sick. It
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When Mattie’s grandfather was killed by robbers who broke in during the night. This was while Mattie was asleep downstairs. Mattie was asleep downstairs and she heard a heavy footstep which woke her up. After mattie’s Grandfather tried to stop the thief the thief leaped on grandfather hitting his head against the floor killing him. When the Mattie was devastated when this happened. When the gravediggers tried to bury grandfather's body Mattie would not let the gravediggers bury her grandfather without a prayer. This is why death is a big conflict in this book. Without the death Mattie would still be relying on others to take care of her.
In end of the book Mattie believed her mother was dead until Mattie found Eliza and she told Mattie that her mother had went to the farm looking for her. Mattie then wanted to go to the farm to see her mother. But she stayed back to help Eliza this is also when Mattie opened up the coffee house again. This was a big thing because when Mattie got back to town and went to the coffee house and mother was not there she believed her mother was dead. If Mattie’s mother would have been dead it would have destroyed
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