The Theme Of Death In Salem By Diane E Foulds

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The book, Death in Salem, by Diane E. Foulds, is the story of the private lives behind the 1692 witch hunt. Death in Salem focuses on the accusers, the victims, the clergy, the judges, and the elite. There were more than one hundred and fifty accusations that year and twenty were executed. Death in Salem will make you look at the Salem witch trials of 1692 in a completely different aspect. There were three pillars of the New England life, prayers, chores, and church. A rhythm only broken by an unexpected visitor, a little bit of gossip, or the discovery of a wild berry patch. An English girl who was ten years old, growing up in the seventeenth century in Massachusetts would be highly trained in domestic arts. She would haul the water, sweep the floor, feed the chickens, milked the cow, and so much more. If she was lucky, a girl had sisters to share hand-me-downs,…show more content…
Salem’s witch suspects ranked close to the bottom. Indian tribes were coming from the north, destroying settlements from Massachusetts to the Maine seacoast. A lot of communities had been burnt to the ground, the people in them were either captured or tortured to death. Refugees were going into Boston. Some chose to go back to England instead of suffering a violet death. France’s empire Sun King was patiently waiting for the right to to choke off England’s territorial conquests. The empire’s hostilities’ were spilling into North America. That is where the French had already found recruits and disaffected Indian tribes that were being cheated or driven off their land by English settlers. The witchcraft crisis broke out in the spring of 1692. This caused more issues to a colony that is getting close to the political and financial breaking point. The hates Governor Andros had been expelled, but a new government had yet to succeed him. Mather negotiated the terms of character with King William III and Queen

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