The Theme Of Death In The Book Thief By Zusak

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In most cases, when reading a book about death, one thinks that the book is going to be extremely depressing. A tragedy filled saga of despair, sadness, loneliness- that people can’t wait to get over with. This is the same in real life as well. People think of death as a sad thing that people don’t want to deal with because of its scary quality, and overall demoralizing aura. In “The Book Thief”, Zusak, paints a different version of death, that apart from its fellow more depressing counterparts, death isn’t near the most tragic part of the story. “Even death has a heart.” (Zusak 242). With this quote, Zusak has made the readers realize that death isn’t the worse thing that can happen to somebody. Zusak’s purpose in writing “The Book Thief”,
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