The Theme Of Despair In Wharton's Ethan Frome

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I have been left with a feeling of despair after reading Ethan Frome. This novel was very challenging to read, but even more challenging to comprehend. This bleak novel is an account of the bitter life of Ethan Frome as the narrators perceives it to be. Wharton used a frame story to compare the Ethan Frome in the past and present. The narrator meets Ethan Frome in the beginning and then starts to piece together information about Frome’s life and how he managed to remain in the dreadful town of Starkville. Ethan was an intelligent lad who found himself in an unfortunate situation. His despair starts when he has the obligation to tend to his ill mother. He then marries his mother’s caretaker, Zeena, out of a moral obligation, but ends up having
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